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Our first release ...

Ezra's Invisible Backpack

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Rated "E"

for everyone!

To the world, Ezra seems like a typical, happy fourth grader, yet making friends and joining groups can be overwhelming. His teacher introduces the idea of everyone having an “invisible” backpack with bricks that others cannot see. These bricks represent obstacles, emotions, and worries that people carry with them each day. From this, Ezra begins to realize that a smile on the outside doesn’t always reflect what's happening on the inside. 

$15 plus shipping

The purpose of Ezra's Invisible Backpack

The invisible backpack is a concrete tool for children to utilize in their daily lives to better understand and express their emotions.

We created this book to inspire empathy in children, empower them to identify their individual struggles, and help them recognize that they're not alone. 

Go further with discussion questions and tools at the back of the book that encourage positive mental health.


Meet the authors!


Hannah Cohen is an actor and creator based in New York City. She has worked with children her entire life, helping them learn and grow through various art-forms. After struggling personally for years with mental health, and losing her cousin to depression, she was inspired to share this story in hopes of helping children develop a foundation of positive mental health from a young age. 


Dina Rock,  an elementary school educator for over 30 years, has been sharing her love of literature with students throughout her career. Dina believes the message of a story can empower someone to believe in themselves and speak their truths. Her experience in the classroom, working with children of all ages, coupled with the loss of her nephew to depression, inspired Dina to write a story that fosters positive mental health. 

Reviews & Endorsements

Helping children, teens, and young adults learn the words to express their inner experiences and struggles may be the most important skill we can teach them... second only to teaching them how to recognize and empathize with others' experiences and struggles. Ezra's Invisible Backpack provides a wonderful metaphor to teach these skills and to begin a discussion about the weights, both heavy and light, we carry with us.

- Dr. Sharon Momenian-Schneider,
PsyD Clinical Psychologist 

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